The Pinkies Story

The Pinkies Story

In 2010, Dan began a food truck under the name Hilltop BBQ. Taking his truck to fairs all across New York, he made a name for himself with his signature sauces. Customers would always ask if we had plans of making our business into a restaurant. That day has finally come! In July 2017, we opened our doors as Pinkies BBQ!

Meet The Owner

Dan Napierala was born and raised in Binghamton, N.Y. He says that food has always been an important part of his life. His grandfather, and then eventually his uncle, owned a meat market and butcher shop in the Binghamton area. The first shop was located on Clinton Street in the city’s First Ward. As a child, Dan would help make sausage. He also enjoyed sampling different cold cuts including prosciutto on Sunday mornings at his uncle’s gatherings. As he got older, he pursued other interests and passions that were not related to the food industry.

In 2010, while selling maple syrup at the Farmer’s Market, a group of vendors expressed the need for hot food at the market. Dan stepped up with the first food truck and the rest is history! BBQ has always been one of Dan’s great passions, and this was his time to shine. The response to the food and sauces that he served was so good that Dan spread out from the markets to fairs and events around the area. In 2017, he opened up a brick and mortar establishment which he named Pinkie’s BBQ, so that he could serve his customers year round.

Dan credits his culinary knowledge to his mother, uncle and a lot of trial and error. And that hard work paid off as Pinkie’s BBQ has been named “Best BBQ” in our area for a third year in a row!

Our Locations
Pinkies BBQ - Front Street

Pinkies BBQ, Real Southern Style BBQ right here in Binghamton. If you haven't tried our food what are you waiting for? Eat in or take out, slow food fast.

Pinkies Bakery and Cafe

We make pastries, donuts, cakes, and pies with love. Whether you are just picking up breakfast to go or want to order to pick up for your morning meeting we have you covered.

Pinkies Dog House